Our Board of Trustees consists of nine trustees who are local people with experience and/or an interest in areas like older people’s health and wellbeing, housing, the charity sector, finance and estates management.

Two of our trustees are nominated by the Town Council and the current Mayor of Dorchester also sits on our Board. The remaining six trustees are co-optative trustees who through residence, occupation or employment, or otherwise, have special knowledge of Dorchester.

The Board of Trustees meets quarterly to discuss issues relating to the smooth running of the charity.  Working Groups made up of several trustees also meet regularly to discuss issues such as resident welfare, property and management.

Current trustees

Molly Rennie (Chairman)
Nigel Bundy (Vice-Chairman)
Susie Hosford
David Pinder
Fiona Kent-Ledger
Sally Goss
Janet Hewitt
John Christmas
Gareth Johnes, The Mayor of Dorchester (Honorary Trustee)

Peter Mann, former Chairman of Dorchester Municipal Charities, is our Honorary President.

Register of Interests

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