Welcome to Dorchester Almshouses

Almshouses trace their history back to monastic times when the terms bedehouse, hospital, almshouse and others described the provision of accommodation for those in need.  

The 17th century saw the creation of three almshouse charities in Dorchester – Whetstones, Napper’s Mite and Chubbs.  These merged and later became known as Dorchester Municipal Charities.  During the 21st century, the charity changed its name to Dorchester Almshouses on becoming a charitable incorporated organisation.

Our premises are situated in West Walks, a quiet location in the centre of Dorchester, adjacent to the Victorian Borough Gardens and park, within level walking distance of the town. Most flats have one bedroom; some are bedsits. Some have level access or stair lifts.

Whetstones is our larger site and includes our oldest building. There are 18 flats with a community room for all our residents, on both sites to use. Our resident warden lives on this site along with the office. The gardens were improved in 2015 with donations & grants from local individuals and businesses.

Nappers House consists of 8 flats and is also situated in West Walks. 

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